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Whether you need a major repair, a overhaul, or you want to Quality Spare parts, we are committed to delivering the best.

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Frequently asked question in compressor parts & maintenance

How to we ensure best Air compressor installation and compressor repairs?

Our team of expert have worked around the world and tackled tackled all kinds of issues. Years of experience means that no matter what issues you are facing, we have handled it in field before.

How do we maintain air compressors parts quality?

Air Compressor parts and spares that we supply are sourced from the same manufacturers from which your OEM sources it, This way we are able to supply them at a much lower price with exactly the same quality level.

How do we ensure best air compressor control?

We have tied up with the major air compressor control manufacturer to offer the best Air control systems in India

What is our Lead time for supply of compressor parts?

We have streamlined our system to offer the lowest lead time possible, in case of a emergency, we can work with you to expedite the delivery further.

what is our warranty on parts supplied?

We provide warranty equivalent to the OEM, in some cases, better than what OEM offers.

What are the services we provide for your compressed air system?

We offer technical consultancy, Air compressor parts, Maintenance and repairs, Compressor controls, Air Audits, Shaft alignment, Installation and commissioning, Operation and maintenance and more.. Let us know your requirement and we will work out a solution for you.

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