Get Best Centrifugal Compressor Parts and Technical Services

Centrifugal compressor parts

Centrifugal Compressor Parts and Technical Services

At Turbo Airtech, we recognize that you depend on our compressors to keep your plant running and that any unplanned shutdown requires prompt attention. That is why we operate a fully equipped, fully staffed service center with full mechanical and aerodynamic testing capabilities. Our dedicated staff of highly trained technicians specialize in fast turnarounds and are available 24 hours a day, year-round, to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

With years of aftermarket experience in the centrifugal compression industry, Turbo Airtech has a proven track record for quality service and customer satisfaction. Dealing with installations worldwide and across numerous industries, our aftermarket team is committed to ensuring centrifugal compressors and power equipment efficiently, reliably, and above all, profitably.

AIRCARE™ Support Service Agreements – Turbo Airtech stock replacement parts, dispatch field service technicians to job site locations, and provide rapid turnaround on in-house repairs to keep our customer’s equipment running at peak efficiency.

Our facility is well-equipped to provide the following services

• Air end repair

• Complete skid repair

• Rotor balancing

• Rotor repair

• Unit packaging

• Overhauls and upgrades

• Contract maintenance

• Component repair

• Welding and pipe fitting

• Painting

Air Audits

The experts at Turbo Airtech conduct a comprehensive audit of your compressed air system to identify potential problems and help you optimize performance. We offer three levels of audits to fit your needs.

Contract Maintenance Services – CMS

Our CMS programs are custom-tailored to your unique requirements and range from a basic scheduled maintenance program to risk-assumptive total maintenance to facility operation. We utilize state-of-the-art predictive maintenance technologies to maximize plant equipment availability and reliability as cost-effectively as possible.

AIRCARE Service Program

Our AirCARE program lets you choose the level of service you require to maintain your compressed air system with features such as scheduled service visits, extended warranties, and OEM quality parts.

Centrifugal Compressor Parts and Services

No Matter what make of compressor you operate, you can take advantage of our expertise in compressed air system maintenance, repair, and supply of replacement Compressor Parts manufactured to OEM specifications.


What maintenance is required for a reconditioned compressor?

Maintenance for a reconditioned compressor involves a range of activities aimed at increasing its operational lifespan and overall value. Similar to a new unit, a reconditioned compressor requires regular maintenance such as filter replacement, fluid checks and changes, as well as cleaning of the cooler and impeller. Although these compressors are designed to minimize maintenance needs, ensuring long-term performance and reliability relies heavily on routine onsite inspections, daily maintenance, and professional servicing. It is crucial that technicians with extensive knowledge and experience perform these tasks to keep the compressor operating efficiently and reliably in the plant.

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