Bay controls series 7 air compressor controller for centrifugal compressor system

Bay controls series 7 air compressor controller

The Bay controls series 7 Air compressor controller is a versatile and reliable controller for centrifugal compressor systems. It offers a wide range of features and benefits that make it an ideal choice for a variety of applications. The controller is easy to install and use, and

it provides a high degree of control over the air compressor system. It is also durable and backed by a comprehensive warranty.

Upgrade your Maestro Legend, Vantage, or Bay Controls V-Series centrifugal air compressor controller to a new Bay Series 7 upgrade package ! A Series 7 upgrade delivers cloud-connected IoT control with dramatically increased computing power, a color touchscreen, and a completely redesigned browser-based user environment.

If you have a Maestro Legend, Vantage, or Bay Controls V-Series centrifugal air compressor controller, you can upgrade to a new Bay series 7 upgrade package ! This upgrade will give you cloud-connected IoT control with more computing power, a color touchscreen, and a completely redesigned browser-based user environment.

Backwards Compatibility with older Maestro control system.

The Series 7 controllers are designed for easy upgrading from legacy Maestro controllers. They have the same dimensions and mounting points, and the wiring terminals and connection points are also the same. There are built-in configuration import tools to quickly and easily transfer an existing compressor configuration to the Series 7. No commissioning or tuning is required.

Bay Controls Series 7 Air Compressor Controller : Redefining Compressed Air Intelligence

A great increase in processing power (compared to older compressor controllers) results in a new way of controlling air compressors

intelligently. By using a set of special machine learning algorithms, the Series 7 is the first compressed air compressor control system that can do adaptive network optimization, automatic anti-surge tuning (when installed on centrifugal compressors), and autonomous valve profiling.

Cloud-Ready Operation Capability

In today’s world of interconnected devices, we can instantly access data from our phones, tablets, and laptops. The Series 7 gives you the ability to do the same with your compressed air system. Every Series 7 control system is cloud-ready with WiFi connectivity and an Ethernet port that enables operators to easily connect to the controller for commissioning, diagnostics, and individual compressor monitoring system.

With the next generation of BayWatch and BayView monitoring solutions on the horizon, Series 7 comes with the necessary connectivity to seamlessly integrate with both, without needing to buy extra hardware in the future.

Multi Compressor System Control (MCC)

The Series 7 Distributed Capacity Control system optimizes the performance of multi-compressor systems, by individually controlling

each compressor unit and networking them together to function as one single, efficient unit, thus ensure efficient load control and energy savings.

Software Maintenance Agreement

Your Series 7 comes with a software maintenance agreement (SMA) that gives you entitlement to any future major feature additions and updates. A variety of SMA term options make sure that your Series 7 will be future proofed from the start.

As the official partner for Bay Controls Compressor Controller in India, Turbo Airtech can supply OEM Maestro Vantage Series, Maestro Universal Series & Series 7 Compressor controllers. Turbo Airtech also provides technical repairs, installation, programming, retrofit and integration services for these controllers.

The Series 7 compressor controllers are the newest, most advanced suite of cloud-ready hardware with a cloud-based analytics platform that can be used to control high pressure rotary screw as well as centrifugal compressors. With a high level of control, these controllers deliver the actionable intelligence needed to increase the efficiency of the entire compression system.

The state-of-the-art advanced control, automation program and remote monitoring capabilities of this compact system, which is directly connected to the plant system, not only provide continuous annual savings, but also help you minimize downtime.

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