Air Compressor Installation and Commissioning Services

Air Compressor Installation and Commissioning Services

Ensuring trouble-free startup and long-term reliability requires proper Air Compressor Installation and Commissioning. Built-in flaws or issues that might later lead to equipment failures or poor performance in air supply are eliminated during each stage of the installation process by thorough examination and critical review under expert supervision according to market demand.

Air Compressor installation

Before Equipment is Purchased

  1. Kind of equipment being considered and type of another compressor options available.
  2. Defining overall specifications for system and equipment, Flow requirement, delivery pressure bar g.
  3. Project proposal submission Plan.
  4. Target unit price per compressed air system.
  5. Develop Commissioning Plan for System.

Defining specification
compressor Testing

Before Equipment is Shipped

  1. Test Equipment at OEM
  2. Interface testing between OEM subsystems

Before system commissioning, but after equipment Installation

  1. Existing air compressor controls modifications
  2. Tests of major equipment mechanically and electrically during “Start-up”
  3. Pre-commissioning Check-out
compressor Pre commissioning checks
Online testing on site for air compressor

Compressor Site Testing

  1. Offline testing of the entire system
  2. Online testing of the entire system

Important points need to consider for your air compressor installation

  1. Latest technology in use (Whether piston/ Screw/ Scroll centrifugal etc), CFM, Requirements, Space for New Compressor, total number of compressor required, Air Filter, oil filter to separate oil from air, Breakdown maintenance for project of installation
  2. Ventilation 
  3. Air intake/ Suction
  4. Cooling water 
  5. Electrical system 
  6. Pipe dimensions, air receiver volume
  7. Layout of the compressor room
  8. Description specification units requirements/ description unit requirement for particular job
  9. project objective
  10. kw Requirements & frequency converter/ frequency inverter(if used)
  11. Type of cooler i.e. air cooled or water cooled for the particular project
  12. Approx. project time table.
Air Compressor installation
Air compressor commissioning

A correctly installed and commissioned compressed air system will help keep the maintenance cost at minimum and productivity up.

Compressed air is just as essential for businesses to run their normal operations as electricity and water. Investing in an air compressor, on the other hand, does not complete the job. You’ll be far from maximizing the compressor’s potential if you get Air Compressor Installation and Commissioning wrong. By ensuring that your compressor installation, air treatment package, and air distribution network are assembled correctly, you can get the performance of air compressors you have paid for.

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