We Provide OEM quality spares for your Air compressors, We can supply all your Turbo Air parts.

We handle routine maintenance, breakdown repairs and complete overhauls for Air compressors.

We supply, service and program air compressors control and monitoring systems

We can service and supply compressor parts for almost any turbo compressor brand in the field, Including but not limited to Centac®, Ingersoll Rand®, Joy®, Cooper®, Cameron®, Atlas Copco®, FS Elliott®.

Air Compressor Parts

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Air Compressor Repairs

Turbo Airtech specializes in the full service, repair, and overhaul of centrifugal compressors. In order to avoid losing time due to downtime, we always try to measure our turnaround in weeks, not months. If you would like to learn more about our services or to speak with a centrifugal compressor repair specialist contact us today.

Turbo Airtech Provides non-proprietary controllers compatible with any Air compressor. They can be used as a replacement for almost any standard or modern controller, and will quickly pay for themselves by reducing power consumption by 5%-15% on average. 

Turbo Airtech can supply Maestro Vantage, Maestro Universal, Series 7 and other OEM standard Compressor Control systems in India including custom PLC and Scada Control and Monitoring system for Air Compressors.

Air Compressor Control

We Offer Practical Solution to All Your Compressor Problems

We focus on Quality, Reliability and Affordability.

We help you for a complete Compressed Air System Solution !!

Air Compressor  calculations

Air Compressor Sizing and Specification

We collaborate with clients to determine plants requirements for Compressed Air system & defining the requirement specifications for Compressors, Piping and other accessories

Air Compressor Installation

Compressor & Accessories Procurement and Installation

We assist clients select the best machinery & carry out installation for optimum system reliability and efficiency.

Compressed Air operation

Compressed Air System Commissioning and Operation

We help our clients commission the compressed air system and tune it for maximum efficiency. We also help clients maintain and operate compressed air system.

Compressed Air system is the heart of any manufacturing facility.

Turbo Airtech helps you maintain it for maximum reliability & efficiency

01. Quality Air Compressor Parts

Turbo Airtech is your one stop source for quality Air compressor parts including compressor bearings, air seal (seal air), oil seals etc.

02. Experienced and Expert Compressor Maintenance

We have team of experts on air compressors, trained by OEM's with worldwide working experience.

03. Complete Compressed Air System Solution

Turbo Airtech provides complete compressed Air solutions which includes Quality parts, Maintenance Services, Technical consultancy and More.


We study your compressed air plan to determine exact Quantity, Quality & technology for air compressors and accessories required.


We offer design-build services for compressors, filters , air dryers, field installation services & more


We offer commissioning services for compressed air plant startup and fine tuning.


We offer expert operation team to take care of daily operation of your compressed air system.


We offer regular planned maintenance , breakdown maintenance & repairs for your compressed air equipment

Compressor Controls

We offer most advanced compressor control and compressor monitoring system in the market with Industry 4.0 features.

We work to provide you with the best Compressor parts and Air compressor Repair services

We guarantee you the highest level of service, we have more than 20 years of experience.

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